MacArthur Boulevard Redevelopment


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The MacArthur Boulevard Redevelopment Plan; A re-visioning exercise for "The Laurel" commercial district along MacArthur Boulevard near I-580 in Oakland, CA. This busy, mostly single-use retail strip between High Street and 35th Avenue is a perfect candidate for targeted mixed-use redevelopment, and smart solutions for unsafe traffic circulation. Currently a 4-lane, two-way arterial, MacArthur handles a high number of trips, thereby fueling the success of the retail district. But unfortunately, the high traffic counts and narrow R.OW. make for a pedestrian and bicycle un-friendly realm. "The Laurel" stands to capitalize on a great opportunity comprised of new circulation patterns, targeted redevelopment nodes, and added public open spaces.


Project: The Laurel Village
Location: Oakland, California
Program: Reconfigured circulation, Targeted
Year: 2015

Urban Design • Landscape Architecture

Oakland, California