Community Master Planning

1. Madera West
2. Issaquah Highlands

1 - Madera West


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As the central valley becomes a hot-bed of growth due to population increases and transit improvements, the western edge of Madera, CA presents an excellent opportunity for expanding and developing new neighborhood and commercial developments. Madera West, a new mixed-use, residential community will complement and enhance this growing region of California.


Located along Cleveland Avenue, Road 23, and the Fresno River, and directly adjacent to the Madera Municipal Airport, this new community design will encompass approximately 1,240 acres of currently owned agricultural dairy farming land. Directly abutting the western growth boundary, and broken into two 620 acre parcels, the new design will follow the City of Madera's General Plan of locating a Mixed-Use Activity Center near the southern edge along the Fresno River and Road 23, a major Loop Road designation for the city of Madera. It will also allow for a series of higher density neighborhoods and civic places to complement the mixed-use center, making it a viable and successful place. And the overall plan will be punctuated with a "green network" of community and neighborhood parks and trails, providing residents and visitors a wealth of public gathering areas for socialization and recreation.

Project: Madera West
Client: Fagundes
Location: Madera, California
Program: 6,000 units, Village Center- 150K s.f. retail, Civic anchored Neighborhood Centers, 100+ acres open space
Year: Planning 2012



2 - Issaquah Highlands


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Issaquah Highlands is a 2,000 acre community located 17 miles east of Seattle, Washington, in the hills above the town of Issaquah, WA. Based on a regional growth management plan, the original design for the site allowed 3 million s.f. of office development, 3,250 dwelling units, and a 400,000 s.f. town center, all on approximately 800 acres of land. This walkable, medium to high density community serves a range of income and lifestyle groups, with activity focused around the town center, neighborhood centers, and a village center to the east. A complex open space system plays a major role with over 1,200 acres of natural open space, protected wetlands, and community and neighborhood parks.

As Project Manager and overall Site Designer at Calthorpe Associates, I was responsible for the overall design evolution, and day-to-day management. A majority of the site was topographically challenging, and along with the required growth boundary limits, the demand for creative thinking in implementing higher density homes was imperative. As shown to the right, working with 15% slopes was frequently the norm. This helped to reveal a more interesting environment for livability. Hillside Paseos provided alley-fed homes with common terraced gardens and views from front porches, providing a creative and interesting place.

Project: Issaquah Highlands
Client: Port Blakely Communities
Location: Issaquah, Washington
Program: 3,250 units, Town Center- 500k s.f. retail, 3 mill. s.f. office, Village Center, 1,200 acres open space
Year: Build out complete 2012

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Oakland, California